Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have a great offer for everyone!

This offer is from October 1st through November 29th.
If you book a online party OR a in house party you get a free warmer of the month!

The catch is the retail sales must be 250.00 or over for the party. This is not hard to do at all. You also earn free credit and a half off item. If someone books a party from yours you get 2 half off items!
Think of Christmas and birthdays we even have stuffed animals for kids!

Email me if you would like to book a party or have any questions.

Thanks so much

Tryin to feel relaxed and having fun

Being a mom of 4 and having 2 large dogs I am always cleaning. Today is clean the sofa wash the covers and pillows. What make this more fun is having the house smelling nice a girlie.
I love the scent flirtatious. Its fresh and sexy and fun! The light amber scent just makes it warm and fun. A must try for every woman!

A great scent for your master bath!

Make sure to sign up for my giveaway under my first post!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Warmer and Scent of the month

Octobers warmer of the month is called Give Thanks. Just in time to be here for Thanksgiving. The warmer is a classic design to fit in with most holiday decor.

The scent of the month is Cranberry Muffin.
The cozy scent of homemade muffins on a crisp weekend morning. Cranberry Muffin is bursting with bright cranberries
enveloped in a buttery brown sugar batter, with nuances of walnuts and toffee

As with every warmer of the month take 10% off.

If you are new to scentsy this is a month to give it a try!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Today is Monday and you can tell fall is here! I love fall and the cool weather. We are just relaxing and cleaning today.
The scent for today is the New Sentimental Cider. If you love sitting down with a hot cup of cider then must try the sentimental cider.
Email me if you would like to hear about the fabulous scent deals we have.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

What I enjoy is Sunday evening relaxing with my love. Watching a show when the kids are in bed.
Have a midsized warmer with your favorite scent in it is a perfect way to relax.
When the warmer is turned off all you have to do is leave the wax and it hardens for the next time you use it.

White Sands is the scent of the day. The seductive scent of night blooming jasmine, the sweetness of coconut milk. This scent will leave you wanting more!

Keep in mind a mid size warmer deal is 1 mid sized warmer with 3 scented wax bars of your choice. The bars last 60-80 hours each!

Bathrooms that smell great are Golden!

Bathrooms can be a scary place in your own home or away. The Scentsy plug ins can help put you at ease. All you do is plug in in put a small wax square in and no worries. The bonus to a Scentsy plug in is its also a night light that you never have to turn off.
Our bathroom plug in also scents our bedroom!

On my Web Site under combine and save look for the Scentsy companion system. You get 3 scented wax bars of your choice 1 plug in and 1 full sized warmer.
As a bonus any order of 50.00 or more I will send you 1 bonus wax bar for free.

Todays scent of the day is Radiance. The scent of lime with a light musk is refreshing and not to strong.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Away at College

One great thing is Scentsy warmers are safe for the college students! Just think about living in a dorm for a minute. They could have refreshing scents to help them relax while studding. Those that would remind them of home baked goods or a family flower garden. What ever it may be we have a scent that will fit.

Scentsy's Campus Collection Warmers are the perfect way to show your team spirit - and they make great gifts for the alum or sports fan on your shopping list! And when you purchase a Campus Collection Warmer, you not only show your school spirit, you also help fund important school programs. We have 32 schools available now and more to come.

Scent of the day is Welcome home- If you enjoy the scent of sweet cinnamon with other complementing spices you will love welcome home.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month -Order now

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Among the many pink items available to raise money for the cause is Scentsy’s new Love, Life, Hope warmer.

Scentsy is a refreshing way to warm your home this fall and support the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

The Simple pink-and-white stripes and black accents of the new Scentsy Family Foundation Charitable Cause Warmer spread a message of hope to breast cancer survivors and their families. Scentsy will make a donation from the sale of each Love, Life, Hope Warmer to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), whose mission is to save lives through early detection and provide mammograms to those in need. Your purchase helps the NBCF to honor women, spread knowledge, foster hope, and provide nurturing support services to women with breast cancer.

So be ready for October and show your support!

My suggested scent for the day is sugar cookie. Now that fall is with us and we are getting ready for all the festivities to come. Fill your home with the scent of vanilla with sugar whipped with butter. Everyone will be waiting for those cookies in the oven!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Starting my Scentsy Blog

As many of you know Scentsy is a great product. Growing up we always had candles burning in the home. It seems so strange to me to not have a great smelling home. As I got older candles were in my home. I tried reed infusers oil plug ins, sprays and the list goes on... Nothing is wrong with candles but when your cat burns its tail or whiskers you have to ask yourself is it worth it. Then you blow them out and wow the smoke!
Well when I found Scentsy I fell in love! No wick so no flame! A light keeps the soft wax warm. The scent lasts longer then any candle or plug in.

As a bonus to the start of my blog im giving away the Scentsy September warmer of the month and the scent of the month to one lucky reader. My only requirement is to add a comment as to why you would like the Scentsy warmer.
The contest starts today Sep 22nd and ends Oct 15th. Good Luck
1 entry per household and you must be in the lower 48 states. No overseas!